Men’s Suits: Picking the Perfect Colour

The First One: The Most Versatile Choice

When a man purchases his first suit, it is often for a certain occasion, such as job interviews, a wedding, or a funeral. If this is the case, there are a few different options. A black suit shows class and style, and it will coordinate perfectly with any occasion. This colour adds an instant formal appeal to any occasion.

For a more versatile suit, go with a charcoal grey. This colour will not look too formal during a job interview, like a black one will, but it will still be suitable for weddings and funerals. Dark navy has this same appeal, but it does tend to have a more formal look like a black suit.

Office Wardrobe: Stick with the Basics
If a man has a job that requires him to wear a men’s suit in on an everyday basis, he will need more than just one. Fads come and go, and are better left to those that already have a vast collection of men’s suits to avoid looking outdated in a month or two.

Instead, those that are just starting out are encouraged to go with basic colours that coordinate together: black, grey and navy blue. These basic coloured suits provide a professional appearance with a timeless appeal. Every colour comes with a few additional benefits.

For example, a navy-blue suit has a youthful appeal, while grey tends to make a person look more mature. Black, on the other hand, instantly adds a look of authority.
Brown: Beyond the Basics

Brown men’s suits have a casual appeal. This colour is being seen more in the workplace, but there are still quite a few that believe a brown men’s suit should be reserved for more casual interactions while the basic colours should be used for professional business. Not all businesses stick with this rule, but this mindset is still present throughout, and it’s important for shoppers to keep that in mind.

Different men’s suits have different cuts. These are also referred to as different styles. While there are originally only three traditional styles, the world of fashion has provided so many fads and styles it can be hard to keep track.

As a novice to the world of suits, it’s best simply stick with a traditional styled outfit instead of opting for anything too fancy.

First impressions are everything, whether it is at the office or a wedding, and one of the first things that people will notice is the colour of a suit. If it appears too casual, they will assume the person wearing the suit is not a professional. If it is too formal, people are less likely to walk up to that person and strike up a conversation.

Finding that perfect balance to give off the right impression all comes down to selecting the perfect colour. Thanks to this guide, customers can walk into a tailor and already know exactly what colour and design they need to give off the perfect first impression.


Three Tips on How to Buy a Fur Coat This Winter

During the sparkle of Old Hollywood, fur was a must have among the rich, famous, and beautiful. Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor wrapped themselves in fur coats as a status symbol of their unbridled femininity and class.

In the following years, fur grew less popular due to protests and more causal trends in fashion.

But there has been a shift in the last few years. Fur is making a comeback across all markets. The International Fur Trade Federation reports that global fur sales have more than doubled from $15.6 billion in 2011 to $35.8 billion in 2013. Retail sales aren’t the only proof of resurgence in fur. Runways from New York to Paris are bringing fur back. In 2015, 73% of the designers showing in New York, London, Milan, and Paris presented fur in their fall and winter collections.

If you are looking to add a touch of elegance and high-fashion to your wardrobe, consider purchasing a real fur coat. A genuine fur coat can last years with proper care, and there are fur restyle options available should you want to do something different with your fur down the road. Another fur benefit includes unbeatable warmth; you will be the envy of all your friends and co-workers as you warmly brave the approaching winter chill. Read on to see our top suggestions for buying a fur coat:

Know Your Types of Furs

There are dozens of types of furs out there, but we’re going to focus on the top choices:

Mink – Mink is one of the most popular and recognizable furs globally. It makes up around 70% of all fur sales. This fur is a favorite because it’s plush, elegant, and lightweight. Mink coats can range from less than $1,000 to well over $10,000.

Sable – Sable is one of the rarest types of fur. With its silver, sleek hairs, sable feels even silkier than mink. Warm, but incredibly light, a simple jacket can start around $15K.

Chinchilla – Chinchilla is one of the softest furs available and naturally comes in a stunning blue-gray hue. While extremely soft, chinchilla has the highest hair density across all furs, making it extremely warm. Chinchilla can start in the low thousands for some pieces, but top off at over six figures.

There are attractive fur options to fit all price ranges. Shop around for your fur, looking online and visiting stores in person. Think about how you will wear your fur. Is this for special occasions or do you plan to wear it for every day? Don’t feel like your fur is limited to one type of event or venue.

More women and men are opting to wear fur for day-to-day.

Know How to Shop

Like you would any new dress or pair of pants, try on your fur coat. If you are shopping online, ask for additional pictures from the seller in different types of light, indoor and outdoor. Since fur can be a large investment, make sure it complements your skin and hair color.

Furs have evolved drastically from the days of old Hollywood movies. Yes, there are still the classic, full-length coats in hues of brown and black. But dyed furs are a now a popular choice in everything from jackets to capelets.

Think about why you want to buy a fur. Are you looking to make an impactful fashion statement? If so, explore colorful options and modern design. Do you want a more classic piece that will stand the test of time? Opt for a more conventional style.

Know How to Care and Maintain

Once you have browsed your fur buying options and purchased your coat, it is time make a fur maintenance plan. Real fur must be cared for properly or permanent damage can take place. Fur should be professionally cleaned and glazed at least once a year to remove unwanted dirt and odor particles. Fur glazing protects the hair and helps lock in their natural oils. In the off-season, fur should be properly stored. The humidity and temperature inconsistencies in most homes are damaging so fur owners should find licensed furrier storage. Lastly, fur should be properly insured in case of accidents or theft.


Tips for Buying Screen Print Shirts

When it comes to custom screen printed shirts, you want to make sure you are happy with the outcome. Nothing is more upsetting than when they arrive and there are mistakes on them or they don’t look professional. Here are some tips to help you get the best outcome.

Reputation and Experience

Only buy custom screen printed shirts from a company with a solid reputation. They should have details about their experience on the website for you to review. If you buy them locally, you should be able to find out about other work they have done and the results. Look at shirts, images, and reviews to help you identify the best possibilities.


You may have a preference in mind when it comes to custom screen printed shirts. You need a provider who offers the colors and types of shirts you are looking for. You may need a mix of them for men and women. You may be looking at children’s sizes. There could be a certain color for your business or school you need to have.

The type of material is important to consider too. You want custom screen printed shirts that will look nice. They shouldn’t start to fall apart after they have been washed a couple of times. Look around and if you don’t see what you want, ask. Most of them are more than willing to help you get something unique in place. They can create a sample for you to look at.

Art Work

In order for custom screen printed shirts to be made, you need art work. You can see what the provider has for you to pick from. You can also select your own art work for them to transfer onto the shirts. They may have requirements for the art work in regards to the sizing. If it is too large or too small, they should be able to help you change it without distorting the image.


The curing process of making custom screen printed shirts involves the art work on the shirt to be heated at about 400 F for less than a minute. This helps to ensure it will harden and be a great looking design that isn’t going to be compromised. Not all providers use this method so you should ask. Ironing the back of the shirt can help the design to print, but it isn’t as efficient.


Ask to see the first one they make for you so you can evaluate it. Look at the colors, the design, and where the image is located on the shirt. If you aren’t happy with it, now is the time to ask for changes. Otherwise, they are going to continue the process and make all of the shirts for you. They are going to assume you are happy with them if you don’t want changes with the sample.


You can get great looking shirts with the images on them you want for a great price. It will vary depending on the type of shirt, the quality of the shirt, the design, and the number of colors used. It will also depend on the provider you use for the project. Ask for discounts such as free shipping or high volume orders.


Things To Wear With Colored Skinny Jeans

Colored skinny jeans are often considered as a piece of statement. They look very bright and fit wearers perfectly. There are many people who find wearing skinny jeans very tough as they tightly fit the ankles and hips. They also reduce the length of the legs and increase the size of thighs and hips visually. In order to balance the fit and brightness of the colored jeans and to make them chic and flattering, you need to pair them with tall heels and neutral colored tops.

Finding the right top

It always goes wrong, if you wear a tight top with bright colored jeans. The fit of skinny jeans is quite closer to the ankles and lower legs than any other style. The size of the thighs and hips can be overemphasized and draw attention of the people due to its tight fit. So, in order to balance the tight fitting effect on the lower body, it is appropriate to choose a looser fitting tip that can give your upper body a perfect look. If a more polished outfit is needed by you, wear a blazer or a fitted jacket over your loose fitting top.

As colored jeans are very bright and vibrant, so do not add a vibrant colored top to compete with your denim. Select neutral colors when selecting a top to pair with colored jeans. Colors like brown, tan, navy, black, grey and white are some of the neutral colors that go best with any color. For avoiding flashy and overly emphasized look, balance with a loose fitting top and thus, look stylish.

Selecting shoes

As the bright-colored jeans often shorten your legs visually, so wear a high heel shoe to elongate your legs. Wear neutral-colored pumps to balance your look. It helps you to look sophisticated in vibrant colored jeans and a loose fitting top. You can also wear a neutral-colored platforms or wedges, if you want a more trendy and casual look. You can wear a pair of shoes or flat sandals, if you have thin and long body structure. The additional height from high heels helps to flatter your body shape.

Choosing accessories

Colored skinny jeans look best when paired with simple, neutral-colored shoes and tops. For adding a light spark to your look, you can wear bracelets and gold or silver hooping earrings. You can wear a multi-coloured and lightweight scarf, if you need a more dramatic look. You can also wear a beaded necklace in place of a scarf.


Bridal Trends 2016-17

2016 was a year of innovation and experimentation for Indian brides. The new-age bride is breaking the typical stereotypes and going for new things. As the wedding season approaches, we scour the runways to give you the best of bridal couture. Get inspired!

Traditional designs, contemporary cuts

New-age brides look for creations that speak of the country’s heritage and crafts and at the same time let their personalities shine through. While they choose traditional designs and fabrics like heavy borders of gota patti work or intricate embroidery and chanderi or Benarasi fabric, when it comes to silhouettes, they opt for classy cuts. Unlike in the past, new-age brides are not all covered up. They love to show-off their toned bodies. More and more brides are opting for tailored silhouettes that flatter their bodies and lend an air of sophistication.

The blouse gets a makeover

From sheer to ornate embroidered blouses, the runways saw a lot of experimentation this year. The off-shoulder trend, which was still now a popular street-style, has made its way to the bridal world. The runways also saw an unusual combination – sharp shirts and flowy lehengas. New brides are also sporting Grecian-inspired one-shoulder blouses, and bold and structured long and short jackets, which they team up with saris or lehengas.

Moving away from the OTT bling

Bridal wear has moved away from the bling and bauble of the past and seeing a return to elegance. The new bride wants to relax and have fun, and that is spilling into fashion. They want to be comfortable and prefer light outfits. And to appeal to the modern Indian bride some of the leading designers are bringing “lightness” to their bridal line using cuts, couching and fine threadwork.

Benarasi weave makes a comeback

While sheer saris with lace detailing, lehengas with textured metallic blouses, royalty inspired jackets, anarkalis and gowns are all big this season, we also see some of the leading designers like Sabyasachi and Ritu Kumar creating wonders in Benarasi weave. And the trend has trickled down to their bridal collection. You will see new generation brides opting for colourful Benarasi saris and vintage zardozi lehengas.

Moving beyond red

Brides are moving beyond red and opening up to non-traditional colours. Many designers showcased their wedding collection this year in creams, Iranian turquoise and deep burgundy. Black is also a popular choice for the sangeet. Pink and orange are also a favourite. Some of the leading designers like Gaurav Gupta are even making bridal wear in fresh, English colours like powder blue and mint green. And Tarun Tahilaini showcased his bridal collection in beige, pink, salmon and ivory. The new generation of brides are lapping them up as they are quite progressive in their outlook and never shy away from experimenting.

It’s all about the classics when it comes to jewellery

When it comes to jewellery bling is out and subtlety is in. It’s all about timeless classic pieces. Brides are gravitating towards a fuss-free style. Traditional uncut sets, solitaire studs and emerald necklaces are the flavour of the season. The layering and stacking trend is still strong. Brides are opting for a choker, followed by a mid-length diamond necklace, and finally a waist length piece. To cater to the modern bride, some of the leading jewellers are making jewellery in unusual shapes like squares, triangles, and hexagons, too. Polki or a fusion of polki and diamonds is still a big trend, especially for cocktails. For the wedding an emerald ring, a pair of chandelier earrings and titanium bangles are must-haves.

Experimenting with hair accessories

Brides are moving beyond the usual and experimenting with hair accessories like paasas, matha pathis and tikkas.


Shop For The Best Leather Bags For Women And Carry Your Style With You

The leather is among those fabrics that have been used for a long period of time because it not only makes the product look great but has the capacity to last for a long period of time. Various things can be made with the help of leather thing such as shoes, jackets, belts and even bags for women. Who doesn’t know that women love to shop till they drop and one of the most important things that they love to shop for are bags? There are various kinds of bags available in the market for women and that too made from various materials but one of the preferred fabric or material is leather mostly due to its capacity to remain for a longer duration.

The benefit of buying leather bags:

We all know that not a single woman can do with one bag. They need various kinds of bag and that too of different styles. But this is also a fact that they will need one bag which they can carry on all occasions and that is when the need for leather bags for women comes in to play. These types of bags are made to last for a long period of time and take on the regular wear and tear that goes one from time to time. Moreover, women tend to carry so many things in a single bag that even a large bag will not seem to be enough. When choosing for the bags most of the women prefer to go with the ones that are made of leather. These bags not only look beautiful but are very sturdily made.

Most of you might think that leather bags for women means there are only some set designs for the same but in reality, there are many designs that are available on the same which will definitely love by the people selecting the same. These bags might be costly but are the quality product and can be easily passed on to the next generation if proper care if taken while handling the same.

Tip to remember before buy the leather bags:

There have been cases where it was seen that people have been at loss for buying the bags that are made of leather for women because the company that had chosen to go with provided them faux material in the name of leather. It is not possible on the part of somebody who is inexperienced when it comes to choosing between leather or other material. They might not have any idea about the same and thus they are a victim to such frauds. To avoid such frauds it is essential on the part of the individual to go for the right company that will never offer any other material in the name of leather to the customers.

There are several companies that are functioning on the internet who offer various kinds of leather bags to the women. These companies are famous and have a huge customer base to maintain and opting for them means you are free all the problem of getting other material in the name of leather. So, if you have searched for the perfect bag that is made of leather for women then get the right company.


Best Options In Winter Jackets For Women

Winter dressing is all about looking stylish and feeling warm and only those garments are regarded winter-appropriate which fulfill these requirements. Winter jackets for women make an excellent addition to every lady’s wardrobe because they actually make you look sassy and feel cozy, and additionally are versatile enough to be worn just anywhere. When you shop for jackets for women online or otherwise, there would be plenty of options to confuse you. All you need to do is to fetch good variety as well as pick the ones which work for you. Here are some of the best options to consider:

Leather Jackets
Bold and beautiful is the look that is defined by chic and stylish jackets made in leather. While a classic black jacket is an evergreen favorite, you can go for more trendy colors that are available in them these days. These low maintenance jackets score high on style and warmth factor, making them a much loved choice for women of all ages and tastes. Pair them with just any outfit and rock the winter look with amazing confidence.

Quilted Jackets
If you are looking to add a pop of color to your winter wardrobe, then quilted jackets make a great way to do it. Not only do they look good but give you all the warmth and coverage you need. Made in fabrics such as polyester, leather, wool and fleece, quilted jackets are available in an array of vibrant colors and can be worn casually as well as formally.

Denim Jackets
One of the best looking jackets for women are the ones made in denim, a fabric which has a sassy appeal of its own. The best thing about these is that they are not specifically meant for winters only but are more of all-season wear. They make best travel companions and are ideal to spice up your casual look when teamed with your favorite pair of jeans or cute skirts.

Blazers are styled to give a classy appeal to winter dressing as they formalize the jackets for women. Most women prefer to wear them to work though they can also be used to layer party dresses and skirts for an appealing look. Blazers are made in various fabrics such as wool, tweed, polyester, lycra and cotton.

Trench Coats
Trendy trench coats make another excellent option in winter jackets that every woman must absolutely have. These lightweight and waterproof coats make a great choice for wet winter days. You can use these to layer sweaters and dresses and fetch cozy warmth along with showstopper style. Fleece, acrylic, suede and blended fabrics are the most easily available choices in trench coats.


Fall Fashion Trend – Take Your Jacket To The Shrink

Fall and winter may have brought out long pea coats and trenches some time recently, however not this year. A standout among the most looked for after pieces for the up and coming season will be the contracted coat, in an assortment of styles. The contrast between these new, smaller renditions of your customary pre-winter and winter top choices is their length; cuts are the same as conventional coats, yet they hit somewhat over the abdomen and regularly tie or catch under the mid-section. The excellence of these new pieces is that they give scope in colder months without relinquishing hotness or gentility.

The ideal coat is a standout among the most imperative components of your closet, and with such a large number of shapes and textures accessible this fall, it would be a wrongdoing to pick only one. The ever-display denim coat is back with another retribution. Rather than the washes of last season or cumbersomeness of years prior, this current season’s denim coat is delicate, body-cognizant and much more female than the customary denim coat. Corduroy and cowhide are back once more, trimmed and prepared to be worn over anything from your most loved dress to bothered pants.

Another thought on an old most loved is sheltered, yet exploit on the stunning new textures and styles the end of the year brings to the table. Brocade is huge this season and probably the most looked for after new coats are made of the rich, nutty gritty outline. A hefty portion of these brocaded, boudoir-style coats are trimmed in rich velvet or ribbon channeling and can be combined with tweed trousers of you most loved pants. A number of these new coats are cut at the hip yet some are coming to much higher-edited just beneath the mid-section (H and M). Made in rich, new textures like tweed and velvet, these coats have blended a customarily ladylike texture with a cut and stick that makes it energetic and provocative. Indeed, even false hide and metallic completions are enhancing the most up to date incline (Allen B. by Allen Schwartz).

Getting short isn’t the main new expansion to a chilly climate top choice. Sleeves are getting redone this season, retro-style. Customary coat textures like hounds-tooth are being utilized as a part of another way. Chime sleeves (think bell bottom sleeves, cut beneath the elbow) blend trimmed length with a customary texture and return to 70s style (Banana Republic). You’ll additionally observe a small form of the military coat this season; a trimmed, gillie go up against the long, substantial style, enhanced with metal catches and zippers (Beebe).


Mens Fashion Resolutions for 2017

Finally, it is a new year and you definitely have the right to kick start your year with some fancy resolutions. However, resolutions don’t live very long because of various reasons but there are times when resolutions are supposed to live long, for your benefit and for the benefit of your reputation.

Fashion resolutions of the year 2016 have long gone by with the year ended. Now is the time for you to look up to the year 2017 and find promise yourself that you’re not going to look ordinary this year. This article talks about the various fashion resolutions that’ll make the new year for more fashionable and stylish without causing a havoc on their pockets.

1. Shop smart!! Shop Less!!
No! This aspect doesn’t mean that you are smart if you shop less but it actually means that you must shop smartly and shop less. Well, in the last year, you must have bagged in a lot of articles that weren’t of any use. You just bought them from the sale and didn’t even wear it twice. Whether you have a plethora of the trendy pieces, but you need to stop before you swipe that card again. Think of the basics first and also the fact that do you really need what you’re purchasing. With the rock solid answer, you’ll be able to justify better.

2. Introspect your strengths but don’t forget your weaknesses
The next big that you need to figure yourself is that you will never go out of the way to buy articles that you aren’t sure about. Many times you see something on the hoarding on the subway that features a handsome man wearing something sexy, you want it so bad but aren’t sure whether you’ll look in it or not. Don’t buy it. Make sure you know that your physique is not like the model in the hoarding had. Choose something that fits you well and enhances your positives rather than hiding them behind your drawbacks. Every body type has something good to show off, whether it is your broad, sturdy shoulders or your chiseled body, make sure that you opt for clothes that give you a flattering fit rather than those which make you look fatter.

3. Get your clothes tailored
Well, you ca say that for your underneath fashion, but your outfits must fit you well if you really want to bang on for your reputation. Finding yourself a tailor is an easy task but what’s difficult is that the tailor understands you well and tailors your outfits which bring out the best in you. He must know what you need when you are too confused yourself. With a talent of tweaking the suits and shirts, he must have the ability to give you the best look possible.

4. Think of clothing inside out
When you think of clothing, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Shirt? Pant? Jacket? Or something else? Have you ever thought about your men’s underwear to be as important your outfits? Well, if you haven’t thought of it as of now, you must start doing so. With the comfort starting from within, you must pay a lot of attention to what goes in there and about what you sport outside. Whether your conventional tighty whiteys make you feel good about your formal wear or it is men’s g-string, do have something that makes you feel good inside so that you feel absolutely confident and stunning outside.

5. Learn the art of accessorizing
Accessories are necessary but if you do it wrong, you might as well learn it before you do it. The art of accessorizing is keeping things neutral rather than overdoing it the wrong way. Hence, keep it to the basic and take help from others once you do it.


The Fashionable And Sturdy Men’s Leather Coats Available in The Market

The fashion of both men and women have changed over the years what was simple in the previous years have become complicated for some reasons. As the taste and trend, both has changed over the years. Take for example male fashion, previously it was just a trouser and some jackets but now it is totally different. But among all these changes there is one dress that has been in the scenario for quite some time irrespective of the age and that is the leather jackets or coats that are available for men in the market.

The sturdy fashion of leather jackets and coats for men:

This is one kind of clothing that has been in the scenario for quite some time. The men’s leather coats are made with the finest leather and are always present in their wardrobe for years. At times it is often seen that they are passed on through the generations, such a grandfather gifting their leather jacket to their grandson and so on.

The reasons are simple, unlike women, men don’t change their wardrobe too often and especially the men’s leather coats are a common thing that can be seen in their collection irrespective of the age and time. The look might have slightly changed but not the attitude of wearing a leather coat. Every other man has a leather coat or jacket in their collection and shows it as their prized possession just like a woman shows off their jewelry.

There are various advantages of going for such leather jackets or coats especially or the men as this material is not only sturdy but is made to last for a long time to come. A person who once in their lifetime had bought a leather coat doesn’t get away with the same and keeps it for the small and adventurous trips with their bike and their gang. Even you might know somebody who too has one such leather coats or jackets.

A small thought:

But if you are somebody who loves to own a leather jacket then it is important that you make sure that the maintenance of the same is done with much care. Any leather material needs to be polished regularly so that the glaze and the newness are intact just like it was when it was bought.

Also if you are thinking to buy such a leather jacket or coat then it is important on your part that you get in touch with a good and a reputed company that deals in such items so that you end up with a quality leather jacket or coat for men. There are several companies to choose from if you are into online shopping but it is advised that it is best to go with a company online that exclusively deals with leather materials so that you are rest assured that the leather that you will get is the best in the business in every term.