Men’s Suits: Picking the Perfect Colour

The First One: The Most Versatile Choice

When a man purchases his first suit, it is often for a certain occasion, such as job interviews, a wedding, or a funeral. If this is the case, there are a few different options. A black suit shows class and style, and it will coordinate perfectly with any occasion. This colour adds an instant formal appeal to any occasion.

For a more versatile suit, go with a charcoal grey. This colour will not look too formal during a job interview, like a black one will, but it will still be suitable for weddings and funerals. Dark navy has this same appeal, but it does tend to have a more formal look like a black suit.

Office Wardrobe: Stick with the Basics
If a man has a job that requires him to wear a men’s suit in on an everyday basis, he will need more than just one. Fads come and go, and are better left to those that already have a vast collection of men’s suits to avoid looking outdated in a month or two.

Instead, those that are just starting out are encouraged to go with basic colours that coordinate together: black, grey and navy blue. These basic coloured suits provide a professional appearance with a timeless appeal. Every colour comes with a few additional benefits.

For example, a navy-blue suit has a youthful appeal, while grey tends to make a person look more mature. Black, on the other hand, instantly adds a look of authority.
Brown: Beyond the Basics

Brown men’s suits have a casual appeal. This colour is being seen more in the workplace, but there are still quite a few that believe a brown men’s suit should be reserved for more casual interactions while the basic colours should be used for professional business. Not all businesses stick with this rule, but this mindset is still present throughout, and it’s important for shoppers to keep that in mind.

Different men’s suits have different cuts. These are also referred to as different styles. While there are originally only three traditional styles, the world of fashion has provided so many fads and styles it can be hard to keep track.

As a novice to the world of suits, it’s best simply stick with a traditional styled outfit instead of opting for anything too fancy.

First impressions are everything, whether it is at the office or a wedding, and one of the first things that people will notice is the colour of a suit. If it appears too casual, they will assume the person wearing the suit is not a professional. If it is too formal, people are less likely to walk up to that person and strike up a conversation.

Finding that perfect balance to give off the right impression all comes down to selecting the perfect colour. Thanks to this guide, customers can walk into a tailor and already know exactly what colour and design they need to give off the perfect first impression.